How the New JUMP Bikes Work

If you haven’t been to the Fordham area yet, you may have missed the launch of JUMP Bikes- where 200 dockless, pedal-assist bikes have been placed in the Bronx. Read below to find out more information about the bikes and how you can utilize and enjoy the new addition to the borough.
About JUMP Bikes
JUMP Bikes (formerly Social Bicycles) was founded in New York City in 2010 by CEO Ryan Rzepecki, a former NYCDOT planner and analyst. Headquartered in DUMBO, the company launched North America’s first dockless bike system in Buffalo, New York, in 2013. JUMP Bikes has gone on to make biking accessible to people in over 40 markets, including Washington, DC and San Francisco, through their pedal-assist bike shares.
Service Area
The Central Bronx pilot area will have access to 200 dockless, pedal-assist bicycles from JUMP Bikes. Both the geographic footprint of the pilot area (which is detailed in the map below) and the number of bikes to be deployed were defined by the NYCDOT. Fordham’s 65,000 residents, as well as visitors to the area, will be able to rent and ride JUMP’s bright-red bikes for the duration of the pilot program.
How It Works
JUMP Bikes have a pedal-assist feature provided by a 250-watt motor and protected internal battery. The motor has no throttle and is instead activated by the user’s pedaling, which boosts cyclists to speeds of up to 20 miles per hour. By employing pedal-assist technology, cycling becomes a more viable transit option for commuters regardless of their level of physical ability.
The dockless bikes also feature GPS tracking, real-time wireless connectivity and lock-to technology, which allows them to be conveniently locked to any bike rack within JUMP’s service area. This ensures the bikes remain secure while not in use and respects the right-of-way by not disrupting public space. JUMP’s electronic-locking mechanism has been deployed on over 15,000 bikes in six countries, and has been street-tested in both challenging climates and urban environments.
JUMP Bikes can be reserved on the JUMP app or via the Uber app. After creating an account, users search a real-time map for the nearest available bike. The app also shows the electric charge level of each bike to help users chose the option that works best for their trip duration.
JUMP’s standard pricing plan includes single trips at $2 for 30 minutes and 7 cents for each additional minute. JUMP will also provide a low-income subscription (or “Boost Plan”) for qualifying residents, which includes 60 minutes of daily riding time for just $5 per month. Beyond the 60 minutes per day, Boost riders will pay the standard 7 cents per minute. Residents can qualify for the Boost Plan if they are a New York City Housing Authority resident or belong to any of the following programs: Access NYC Heat And Utility Assistance, MTA low income pass, NYC SNAP.
JUMP users can easily access a bike with just their account number or an RFID card rather than requiring a smartphone. JUMP also ensures that unbanked residents or those who lack access to credit can still have access to this transit option. Through their PayNearMe integration, JUMP riders can pay in cash at CVS, 711, or Family Dollar.

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