Pizza in the Park- Dominos Launches 150,000 Delivery Hotspots at Local Parks, Beaches, & Sports Fields


Last month you might have caught our stories over on Instagram where we had a chance to check out one of Domino’s new locations in the Bronx where they’ve moved the pizza making right to the front counter for all to see. We also learned about their latest Hotspot launch that makes ordering a pie from locations without a traditional address easy- like parks, beaches, and sports fields. The launch comes just in time for summer- perfect for those impromptu park visits that last until dinner time.



During the event, we also had a chance to try our hand behind the counter and saw just how quickly your pizza is made when you order from Domino’s. So you can expect your pie to arrive at the park just as hot as it does to your doorstep- as long as I’m not the one making it.



To learn more about the Bronx Domino’s Hotspot locations, check out the map at We looked and many of the parks in the Bronx have a convenient Hotspot located at the edge of the park- and hopefully more will come (Orchard Beach, please!).

Help Get More of the Bronx on the map! If you see some locations that should be a Domino’s Hotspot, head to to suggest the location.


Domino’s Hotspots are online-only for prepaid orders on and in mobile apps. Once a customer’s location has been determined, local Domino’s Hotspots that are available for delivery will appear on a map for customers to select. Before checking out, customers can leave instructions to help the driver find them. After completing their order, customers will receive text message alerts about their Domino’s Hotspot delivery progress, including a final text that gives the estimated arrival of the driver at the hand-off spot.



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