Riverside Glamping at the Shawnee Inn in the Poconos


If you’re looking for a camping experience but aren’t quite ready to head to the wild, look no further than Riverside Glamping at the Shawnee Inn. If you recall last summer we experienced their Island Glamping, so this time around we brought the kids along and headed back to try out their Riverside option. Located right on the Delaware River, the Shawnee Inn offers glamping tents where friends, families, couples, or even someone seeking a night of solitude can enjoy this glamorous camping experience.



Check-in for Riverside Glamping is at 3pm- but guests can arrive early to enjoy the hotel’s amenities or partake in the daily activities such as morning hikes, meditation, brewery tours, and more. Since we had the kids in tow, we opted to enjoy the indoor pool after lunch as a family and just have a relaxing afternoon before drying off and grabbing our key to the tent.



Unlike the Island Glamping option, folks who opt for Riverside have more freedom to come and go as they please- this is perfect for families with small children since there is a playground right by your tent and the basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts are all in the same area.



Once we checked in at the front desk and grabbed our keys, we walked over to unlock our tent and get the glamping started! There are only two tents located in the fenced off glamping area- close enough to be friendly with your neighbors but with your own deck and fire pit- it’s not too close for comfort. It would even be an awesome idea to go with another family and make it a group experience.



Inside the tent you’ll find both a Queen and Twin size bed, a side table, mini fridge, coffee pot, alarm clock radio, and lamp- as well as a fan and heater. There’s outlets for chargers- and yes- there is WiFi.



We knew rain was in the forecast, so we made sure to enjoy as much time as we could before the clouds opened up. We got the fire going, played some board games on the deck, and brought the firewood inside our tent so that we could keep it dry when the rain started.



The view from the deck is nothing short of peaceful- from your tent you can enjoy the river rolling past, boats going by, and you might even spot otters in or near the water!



As the rain started, we headed inside to continue our family game night. We brought playing cards, dominoes, and some other board games that the kids had packed.



The rain may have prevented us from hanging outside the entire time, but it didn’t stop us from making some s’mores. Staff from the Shawnee Inn dropped off the sticks and ingredients for s’mores along with extra firewood- so we put on our raincoats and roasted marshmallows over the fire. The fire pits at the riverside glamping are perfect for those rainy nights- our fire managed to stay on throughout the evening since it was covered.

Note: For the island glamping, an attendant takes care of a communal campfire- something to consider when deciding which glamping option is for you.



A few hours in, the rain let up enough to go grab a bite to eat. The Shawnee Inn offers two dining options on site- The River Room restaurant located inside the hotel, and the Gem and Keystone Brewpub. No food is allowed inside the tent- so guests are free to enjoy the resort’s dining options or go out for meals.

The Island Glamping option also does not allow food to be brought onto the island- but includes wine, beer, and snacks along with an attendant- perfect for friends or couples!



As it got late, the kids drifted off to sleep and the hubby and I spent the rest of the night warming up by the fire and enjoying the sounds of the wood cracking as we enjoyed the last part of our evening. When it was finally time to turn in for the night, we zipped up our tent and drifted off to sleep. And forget a sleeping bag- after suffering a back injury my husband has not slept well. But with the sound of the rain hitting the tent above our heads and the comfortable mattress, he slept like a baby. Before we knew it, it was morning and we were eager to run outside to enjoy the rest of our time before check out, which is at 11am.



We spent the rest of the morning playing volleyball, basketball, and letting the kids run around before our ride back home to the Bronx. The kids begged to stay another night of course, and if it wasn’t for school the next day I would have considered. I grabbed a cup of iced coffee at the gift shop after checking out, and the kids took a nap on the way back home.

Glamping might not be for everyone- but it really is such a great experience for couples, friends, and families. It allows family and friends to unplug, spend quality time together, and experience the fun parts of camping without the additional stress. There is just something special about sleeping in a tent together as a family- and having a memory foam mattress is a major bonus!

Pricing for Riverside Glamping is $248 on the weekend for double occupancy and $165 single occupancy (kids 18 and under free for both).

For more information on the glamping experience at The Shawnee Inn, visit www.shawneeinn.com/rooms/glamping.


  1. Hi there – wondering how late in the season these photos are from. Looks like winter with all the leaves gone. Thanks!


    1. Hi Alison, this trip was in April. We’ve also gone in July.


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