Time Travel to the 70’s with Deep Eddy Vodka


Last weekend we took a trip to the 1970’s for the Huntington Hustle at the Huntington Library in Westchester Square. Produced by the Westchester Square Bid alongside Metro Optics, Loving the Bronx, Morris Perk, WZIO, and Bronxmama- it was a fun evening to celebrate Earth Day and give back to both the library and Loving the Bronx- an organization that shares the amazing history, culture, architecture and character of the Bronx through walking tours, photography, and articles. Light bites were provided by Morris Perk and the 70’s themed cocktails were brought to us by Deep Eddy Vodka!



Deep Eddy Vodka sent over their classic vodka along with Real Peach and Real Orange options- perfect for our Fuzzy Naval and Godmother drinks on the evening’s menu.

And the drinks did not disappoint- Deep Eddy’s vodkas are made with premium juices, essential oils, natural sweeteners, and local honey.



Being that it was an Earth Day celebration, guests were encouraged to bring their own cups, or they could use one of the awesome tin cups from Deep Eddy. How awesome are they!?



It was such a fun evening as we boogied the night away, gave out prizes for the best costume and eye wear, and celebrated some of the amazing folks in the Bronx!

For more recipes using Deep Eddy Vodka, visit www.deepeddyvodka.com.

What year will we travel to next!?



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