Nominate Outstanding Bronx Teachers for New York Family’s The Blackboard Awards


Have some Bronx teachers in mind who deserve some recognition? Well now until April 6th, you can nominate a teacher for New York Family’s the Blackboard Awards. Read below to learn more:

Founded in 2002 by New York Family‘s parent company Manhattan Media, the Blackboard Awards accomplish two worthy goals: helping New York City parents make informed choices about their children’s education, and honoring and celebrating schools, principals and teachers of excellence.

Who is eligible to receive a Blackboard Award?

Any school in New York City from all education communities (public, private, parochial, charter) and all grade levels (nursery, elementary, middle, high school).

How can parents and schools participate?

Parent participation is critical to the helpfulness and success of the Blackboard Awards. Since its inception, thousands of city parents have nominated their schools, principals, and teachers.

Nominate A School Here 
Nominate A Principal Here 
Nominate A Teacher Here 

We welcome nominations all year, but there is a emporary deadline (November 2016) for the School/Principal nominations to allow us to pick honorees for the December ceremony. Please note that, in addition to parents, educators and students are welcome to submit nominations.

How does it work?

In December, we host an award presentation for Schools and Principals (and in June we host an award presentation for Teachers). For most of the Blackboard Awards’ history, the master of ceremonies was the legendary memoirist and NYC teacher Frank McCourt. Since his death, we have welcomed a variety of distinguished educators and city officials. Bolstering the ceremonies is New York Family’s in-depth and on-going coverage of education-related news and trends impacting city families, along with our annual Ultimate Guide To Education.

Your recommendations count!

By telling us about a School or Principal, you are helping that school grow its reputation and reach other families who may be interested in it.

For more information and to nominate someone, visit

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