Money-Saving Beauty Tips from a Bronx Makeup Artist

It’s no secret that as we get older, the health and beauty industry make more and more money off of us. But there are little things you can do to save or at least enjoy a few perks with all of that spending. Read what one Bronx makeup artist does to save money on beauty products- and how you can too.

By Gabrielle Garay

Save & get money back in 4 easy steps

  1. Shoptgr

This is an app that can be downloaded and used as a tool to save and track products at discounted prices. How it works: First, find the product you’re looking for- then save that product to your shoptagr- it will give you the option to put the product in a specific list and whether you’d like to be notified when the product is 25%, 50% off or more.

This product was originally $26.00, but since I used shoptagr it will inform me on price changes so I can save some cash!



  1. Retailmenot

Retailmenot is a two in one money saver and a must use website for online shopping! Right before I checkout, I always visit to see if I can add any coupon codes to my purchase.



Not only does this site contain coupons but it also gives shoppers the option to get cash back. These amazing cashback offers are a way to save extra while shopping and really works!



  1. Company Reward Programs

Many brands have reward programs that allow customers to get points when they spend that can eventually be translated into a discount. The more points a shopper gets the higher likelihood of them getting freebies.

This reward program is from Ulta. The more money spent the bigger the discount. In 2017 I spent $450 and received $20 dollars off a purchase!



This is the rewards from, the more you spend the more points received. These points contribute to getting freebies of travel sized and even full sized items!

  1. Avoid weekend shopping

Don’t you hate when you buy an item and the next day you receive an email that the item is now 50%? Avoid this problem by shopping on TUESDAYS. According to a Huffington Post article- the best days to do online shopping is on Tuesdays. The worst time to online shop is during the weekends!


Photo: Gabrielle Garay

Gabrielle is an NYC certified freelance makeup artist in the Bronx. Follow her on IG at @BrielleMakeupArtist to see more beauty related content.


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