Winter at Woodloch Pines in the Poconos

If you’ve been keeping up with our travel section, then you know that we love the Poconos. At around 2 hours away, it’s the perfect weekend destination from the Bronx to experience the outdoors in all seasons. So we recently packed up the car and drove the farthest north we’ve been in the Pocono Mountains to Woodloch Pines Resort. We have previously shared our experience at this 60 year old resort in both the Spring and Fall, and were excited to now check winter off the list. Follow along for an idea of what to expect during your winter stay at Woodloch.



We pulled in to Woodloch around 5pm on a Friday evening. Check in isn’t until around this time, but guests are encouraged to arrive early if they’d like to so that they can enjoy the resort’s amenities before their room is available. We decided to head there after picking up the kids from school, so we arrived with enough time to check in to our room and get ready for dinner.



For our stay, we were in Woodloch’s Edgewater Suites- which are one bedroom suites with two queen sized beds and another queen pull out couch in the living room area. The patio off of the living room has a direct view of Lake Teedyuskung. In the Springbrook units where we were, there are two bathrooms- which is perfect for larger families. Springbrook is also where the indoor pool is located, which is perfect for winter stays so that you don’t have to go outside in the cold after a nice swim. In addition to the Edgewater Suites, Woodloch guests can choose from their Classic Standard, Deluxe Lakeview, and Two Room Edgewater Suites (which sleep up to 12 people).

Lake Teedyuskung has around 3 miles of shoreline

and was originally settled by the Lenni Lenape Indians

in the early 17th century.



Once settled in, we freshened up for dinner and checked out the activity sheet for the night. Each day, guests receive a daily schedule of both ongoing activities for the day as well as scheduled ones. It’s a great tool to plan out each day and try to fit in as much as possible. There is a shuttle bus that guests can utilize to get around the resort- but we were able to walk from our room to dinner as we went on a beautiful winter weekend.



Dinner is served in the main dining room room each evening for those who choose the inclusive meal plan. Each night, the dinner menu options will be printed on the center of the table- with your choice of soups, salad, entrees, and dessert. There are several kid’s menu options, and regardless of the night’s dessert special- ice cream is always an option! Like many of the all inclusive resorts, meals at Woodloch are meant to feel like you’re dining in the owner’s living room. From couples to large families, the dining room is filled with chatter, laughs, and smiles each meal. There are also fun character appearances at meals- which the kids love. And service is more than attentive- with friendly staff always nearby to see what you might need.

During our meal, there were birthday announcements, and even an engagement. It was great to see how many generations of families visit Woodloch and have made it part of their lifelong memories and traditions.



After dinner, we headed directly outside to the snowtubing area, which happens to be right in front of one of the firepits (you’ll notice there are plenty of firepits around the property to stop and warm up). It’s the perfect spot to sit around the fire as the kids enjoy endless tubing. We then headed to the famous horse races at Woodloch to try our luck. This fun tradition at Woodloch happens in their large theater area, where guests bet on wooden horses and numbers are pulled bingo style- each time moving the horse up a notch on the “racetrack.” Just like in the real races, the payout is based on the total bets placed- and we found ourselves yelling just as loudly as we do at Belmont!



After losing our two bucks- we headed over to the bumper cars. When you’re from NYC and you’re used to the long lines for bumper cars at Coney Island, the kids were in amusement park bliss as they were able to have the place to themselves. That is until a family joined us and we got into bumper car battle mode.

After, we headed back to the room for a night cap as we planned out our next day.



The worst part about our stay at Woodloch was deciding between sleeping in and getting a head start on our day. But as we got ready to head to breakfast, we were excited about the day’s activities.



Breakfast isn’t done buffet style like at many resorts- servers bring out your meal in courses. Both mornings we sat down to find a delicious coffee cake loaf on our table- followed by our choice of fruits, cereals, and oatmeal- then followed by our choice of eggs, bacon or sausage, and toast. It seemed like a lot! But since we chose to participate in the family Olympics afterwards, it definitely fueled us for what was to come.



For the Winter Olympics, families gather down by the lake and split into teams of ten. We were paired with a fun family from Delaware along with another family from Pennsylvania. We then participated in around 6 different challenges against other teams. From throwing footballs while tubing to building igloos out of hula hoops, it was fun for both children and adults. The winning team even received medals- and we spotted them wearing them throughout the day to celebrate their victory!



Afterwards, we hit up the indoor playground Woodloch Forest while my husband headed over to a trap shooting contest. In the same building as the Woodloch Forest, you’ll find a basketball court, arcade, and more. We then had lunch before heading out to do some more of the outdoor activities.



New to Woodloch is their four season ice rink. This EZ glide synthetic ice rink allows for visitors to enjoy ice skating year round. There’s also a space to play hockey behind the main skating area- with skates and hockey equipment available to rent. We enjoyed our time here until daddy met us after trap shooting.



Right up the hill from ice skating are two Go-Kart tracks. One of the shuttle stops is right at the bottom of the hill, so we were all able to meet up easily for some go-kart fun. The girls had a blast going at full speed around the track- especially when Briana was able to speed past daddy.



The second track is for children who are old enough to drive by themselves- but since Gia wanted to ride and wasn’t tall enough to drive, we stuck to the main track where she had a chance to ride with each of us.

By the time we were finished with all of our fun, it was time to head to dinner. Saturdays become a bit fancier, and guests are asked to dress up for dinner. The dining room was filled with button up shirts and even blazers- and many followed dinner with a Broadway style show in the theater.



As much as we wanted to see the show, we hadn’t yet had a chance to enjoy some pool time. So as one of the staff highlighted, going to the pool during the show was a great time to enjoy the water with less people there. And he was right!



Located in the pool area, there is a large pool, two hot tubs, a kid’s zone, and a room with a waterslide and spray features.



Since the pool closes at 10, it can definitely be a hard choice to decide between the scheduled shows or activities- but a family vote or even splitting up to do separate activities can be easy solutions to fitting in what you like.



After the pool, we headed back to the theater to see a comedian that followed the Broadway show. Guests are able to munch popcorn and order drinks if they’d like during these fun shows and events. Afterwards, we headed upstairs to the bar room to play some board games and hang out for the rest of the night. This was when the shuttle came in handy as Gia fell asleep on daddy’s shoulder and we were able to comfortably make it back to our room.



Sunday morning was bittersweet as we knew we’d be leaving after lunch. Our meal plan included breakfast and lunch on Sunday- so after breakfast I went back to the room to pack while Luis took the kids to do a few of their favorite activities again.



After checking out and packing our bags in the car, we headed over to where the schedule said there would be farm animals and pony rides.



Gia loved petting the sheep, baby goats, donkey, and bunny that were there for the children to see.



Of course, the girls had to fit in more snow tubing before we left. It was such a beautiful day overlooking the lake as the kids flew down the slope over and over.



Located back where the petting zoo area was set up, is a quaint coffee shop where latte lovers like myself can run to. I managed to slip away for a moment of solitude and enjoy an iced caramel latte before lunch. So if the coffee maker in your room won’t suffice, they’ve got your back.



After lunch, we enjoyed one last stroll before we jumped in the car to head home. The kids had already asked to extend our stay at least one more night- but with school the next day they were sadly turned down. But we did promise to return again in the summer, as we knew we’d love what the warmer season has to offer just as much as our winter stay. It’s no wonder so many folks we speak to have fond memories of Woodloch as a kid- it’s an unforgettable family memory to hold onto and we hope to create many more.

Tips and Additional Info

  • There is a mini fridge in the room- so be sure to pack drinks, wine, and any snacks your family might want. There are plenty of options to purchase food and drinks on the property, but it’s nice to have your own stash inside the room.
  • While each meal was wonderful, with all of the activities packed in it felt like lunch made it difficult to plan around. I’d suggest the two meal plan and simply purchase or pack sandwiches that can be eaten on your own time if anyone gets hungry before dinner. With such a large breakfast, I think I would have been fine with a light snack before dinner. It’s a great way to cut cost if it works for your family.
  • In the winter, be sure to pack for both cold weather and indoor pool activities. Don’t forget the flip flops and cover-up. If you’re staying in the Springbrook Suites, it’s so convenient to just walk down the hall in your flip flops and cover-up and change in the room.
  • Plan your day the night before. Have everyone in the family circle or initial what they want to do and make a game plan. Save the open activities for the times between scheduled activities, and the indoor activities for the evening so you don’t miss any of the outdoor fun.
  • Alcohol and specialty kids drinks are not included in the dining packages- but can easily be charged to the room for your convenience.
  • Make time to stop at the gift ship before heading out- it’s filled with lots of great souvenir and household items. There are also plenty of items that you may have forgotten- like bathing suits!

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We received accommodations to facilitate this review. As always, all opinions are entirely our own.

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