Sarah Jessica Parker Talks HBO’s Divorce, Parenting, & More

If you follow along on social media, then you know that last week was all about Sarah Jessica Parker! On Monday, I had the opportunity to hang with her thanks to The Moms at HBO’s headquarters in Manhattan. After previewing the first episode of this season’s Divorce, we gathered around a conference table to hear SJP talk about the show, parenting, and answer some questions from fellow bloggers.



This season, we see not only the expected emotions and awkward moments that divorce with children can bring- but also how that affects the relationships with their children. When speaking about parenting, SJP told us that the woes of parenting were the one thing she and Robert were easily able to contribute from their own experience as parents.



SJP also told us that the one thing she tries to never miss are doctors appointments, recitals, and parent-teacher conferences. And she acknowledges how lucky she is that she has a career that allows her to do so- but is looking forward to the conversations taking place that can help change that for women in all fields. The same goes for the #metoo conversation taking place in our country right now. While she is happy that Hollywood has spoken up, she also recognizes women in the service industries and other fields who don’t have the same platform to share their stories.



Later in the week, I was ecstatic to score tickets to a paint night at Muse thanks to HBO. We painted an awesome landscape of the Hudson Valley- which is where the show takes place and sipped on complimentary drinks.

It was an awesome way to celebrate my girl SJP and the premiere of this season. Did you catch it? If not, be sure to head to and watch Divorce on Sundays at 10pm on HBO.

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