Best Places for Sledding in the Bronx


If you’re looking for some good spots to head to the next time it snows, we’ve rounded up a list of some recommended hills in the Bronx. We’ll continue to add to this list as more are suggested or we discover new places- so be sure to bookmark this post.

Crotona Park

-Fulton Avenue and Crotona Park North

This is actually the Bronx location for NYC Park’s Snow Days- which is a day of free organized recreation in several parks throughout the city. Activities may include supervised safe sledding (there will be sleds available at each snow day site), snowman building contests, snow angel contests, friendly snowball fights, music, and complimentary hot chocolate. We headed here on a quiet snow day and had the place to ourselves!


St. Mary’s Park

-The Rock in St. Mary’s Park

Photo: Google Photos

This spot got more than one vote when we asked around. Located at 450 St Ann’s Ave, this is a popular location for snow fun. There’s also an indoor recreation center that locals can become members of with programming throughout the week.


Franz Sigel Park

-160th, between Grand Concourse and Walton Avenue

Photo: @SenatorSerrano on Twitter

For those near the Grand Concourse, head over to Franz Segel Park for some snow day fun.


Ewen Park

-West 232nd Street, between Johnson and Riverdale Avenues

Photo: Credit: Marisol D’az, The Riverdale Press from It only takes a foot of snow to turn the Bronx into Aspen

Another spot that showed up in several city roundups was Ewen Park in Riverdale.


Van Cortlandt Park

-Broadway and Jerome Avenue

For those around Van Cortlandt Park, head to the hill around Broadway and Jerome for some fun. But Van Cortlandt also boasts plenty of flat land to run around, build snowmen, and enjoy playing in the snow too.


Bronx Park

-Bronx Park at Lydig Avenue

Photo: Edwin Soto for The Bronx Chronicle, Starting to Look Alot Like Winter

A fun hill for the little ones can be found at Bronx Park at Lydig Avenue. There you’ll find plenty of families enjoying the snow on colorful sleds.


Claremont Park

-At 172nd Street, between Teller Avenue and Clay Avenue

According to NYC Parks, the best spot for sledding is at the interior of the park at 172nd Street between Teller Avenue and Clay Avenue


Shoelace Park

-Anywhere between 220th and 230th streets along Bronx Boulevard

Photo: Garrett Ziegler

With plenty of hill between 220th and 230th streets at Bronx Boulevard, get ready for hours of fun.



Where is your favorite place to sled in the Bronx? Comment below and we might add it to our list!


  1. How’s the hill at the end of E.204St. in French Charlie’s on the of the Train Tracks with no traffic. Used it as a kid over fifty years ago. Please let me know what you decide.


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