Google Home Mini for the Holidays

By: Martha Katechis

Earlier this month we headed downtown to Google @ Flatiron for a play date with the Google Home Mini. Open from 10am to 8pm daily, visitors can see the latest from Google as well as enjoy special events and experiences. Families were able to sample how kids can learn, play and imagine together using the Google Home Mini as well as experience some pretty cool extras- like the chance to jump inside of a giant snow globe!

As for the Google Home Mini, I love that it still offers the cool technology aspect- without seeing my child’s face glued to a tablet. I simply say, “Hey Google! Let’s play Find My Inner Animal” and a fun set of interactive questions begin.



The Mini Home also makes it easy to play games like freeze dance, or even help with school projects and say things like, “Hey Google! I want to speak to a veterinarian.”



Entertaining and decorating for the holidays has also been even more enjoyable because I can ask Google to dim the lights to see the tree glow, and play Christmas music to my specific interests.

“Hey Google, play kids favorite Christmas music.”

No specific paid subscriptions are necessary- music is streamed from sources such as Spotify, Google Play or Pandora. Controlling your TV will require a Chromecast and controlling your home lights requires a smart home hub available at major retailers. Google home is very enjoyable with-out these add-on and is a perfect start to a smarter home!

For more information on the Google @ Flatiron Pop Up and the Google Home Mini, visit

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