Check Out this Affordable Teacher Gift Idea


Christmas break is upon us- and that means you’ve got one last day for teacher gifts! When it comes to teachers, coffee or tea is a no brainer, but if you’re like me- on a budget and 5 teachers to shop for- gift cards can be overwhelming when you don’t exactly have a lot to put towards each one. That’s why I love the $10 coffee or latte cards available at Dunkin Donuts. For ten bucks, the coffee card option is good for 6 large hot coffees or teas, and the latte option is good for 5 medium lattes- getting you much more bang for your buck and coffee in their mugs.



Rather than simply hand over the gift card in an envelope, I put my frugalista skills to work and headed to the dollar store. There I scored these fun moscow mule mugs (way more fun than the average coffee cup) and a package of shortbread cookies, which had 4 individual packs in each package. I then stuck tissue paper, the gift card, and the pack of cookies in each mug and placed inside a cute holiday paper bag I scored at Walgreens for around 30 cents each. Done! Now they have a cute mug, coffee, and cookies to boot. And if the mug never gets used, I won’t feel bad that I paid so little for it! (Although I loved these mugs, I want to go back for more for myself!).

There are some other great holiday promotions happening at Dunkin- perfect for those holidays parties and get togethers this weekend. There are also the classic gift card options if you’ve only got one or two teachers to shop for- so they can grab whatever they want.

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