Book Corner: 3 Things We Love

Each month, we’ll highlight some of our favorite books, calendars, and other publications that we believe are worth sharing. Have a recommendation? Comment below and let us know!

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While kids often get agendas in school, here’s an awesome planner for them to use for everything from school to sports. National Geographic Kids Weird but True Daily Planner is filled with weird but true facts to keep them entertained and remembering to check their daily chores. It’s also got some great homework help resources located in the back.

More info: Weird But True Daily Planner: 365 Days to Fill With School, Sports, Friends, and Fun!




With everything that is going on lately, it’s so important for our kids to learn about the world around them to foster exploration and a bigger understanding of what is out there. Start with learning about the states around you and work your way up to other countries. Pick a state to learn about each week and make it a fun experience at home. If you can’t physically visit, learn a fun recipe, listen to music, or watch a movie based on each state. Start with National Geographic Kids United States Atlas. This awesome book teaches kids about the key information about each state as well as other information about the economy.

More info: National Geographic Kids United States Atlas



Finally, for the mamas. After receiving the book The Little Book of Hygge, I’ve been obsessed with all things hygge. What’s hygge? While there isn’t an exact translation- it’s more of a feeling- like that cozy feeling when gathered around a fire with friends. So to get you ready for the colder months, why not curl up with a cup of coffee and relax while coloring this awesome Hygge Happy coloring book.

More info: Hygge Happy Coloring Book: Coloring Pages for a Cozy Life



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