Visiting Soundview Park in the Bronx


Located on Clason Point in the Bronx, Soundview Park boasts 205 acres of parkland. With bike trails, playgrounds, a butterfly garden, amphitheater, and more- it’s a great place to spend a summer afternoon.



Start off near the Bronx River in the Meditation Butterfly Garden. You may even find some painted rocks hidden as part of the #thebronxrocks rock hunting group.



Bring your bikes or scooters to navigate your way through the park’s bike paths. There are plenty of places to stop off and rest- and enjoy views of the Bronx and East River. In fact, Soundview Park is situated where the Bronx River opens up into the East River.



Hope you brought your binoculars. Sit at the mouth of the Bronx River and watch planes land and take off from Laguardia Airport. Here you might see folks fishing, jet skiing, and canoeing.



After, cool off in the new Metcalf Playground where water sprays from standing canoes. The little ones will love rolling down the AstroTurf grass hill and sliding down the slides. There’s also some other cool additions to the new park.



If you’ve happened to be in the park on a movie night- grab a seat at the amphitheater and enjoy a movie under the stars. Pack snacks, drinks, and don’t forget the bugspray.

There’s plenty  more of Soundview Park to explore- so plan your day to return and explore. For more information, visit



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