Nature Trek at the Bronx Zoo


Earlier last week we had the fun opportunity to check out the new Nature Trek at the Bronx  Zoo. With an awesome structure to trek and climb and some pretty cool stations to explore and play- be sure to plan out some time to spend here on your next trip to the zoo.



Nature Trek is included in your Total Experience ticket and no food or drink is allowed in the exhibit. While there is fun inside for everyone, the climbing structure is for ages 3 and upso heads up to parents of little ones with big siblings. The climbing structure is every kid’s (and adults young at heart!) dream- with bridges and ropes to climb, cross, and explore.



Children age 3-8 need to be accompanied by someone 14 and up on the play structure- so the whole family should be in their most comfortable kicks.



After they’re done climbing, the kids can head over to the Build Like a Beaver station where kids can use real branches to build forts. Permanently placed branches make it easy for kids to simply stack the rest of the sticks on the base but still feel like they’ve built their own teepee.



Be prepared- as there is also a fun splash area- where kids can play with water and dirt- a kids dream!



Kids can also leap like a bullfrog….



Hide like a lizzard…



Burrow like a rabbit…



And make animal tracks in the sand with lots of fun animal paw prints to choose from.



There will be leaders throughout the space to guide families on fun activities- like building fairy homes.



Before heading out, hit up the giant chalkboard and create a masterpiece together.



We hope you enjoy the new space as much as we do- and we’re also looking forward to the adult version opening up too! Yes- there will be an adult course in addition to the ziplining adventure- and no, that is not included in the Total Experience tickets.

For more information on the new Nature Trek, head over to


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