Coney Island Day Trip: New Unlimited Wristbands & More


If you’ve been following us for a while, then you know one of the only reasons we ever like to step foot in the other “B” Borough is for you name it, Coney Island. It’s a summer staple for us- where we meet friends on Friday nights for fireworks- hitting the beach during the day, cooling off on a few rides, and then enjoying a picnic in the sand as the fireworks light up the sky.



We recently had the chance to head out to their annual Coney Island Family Blogger Day where each year we have the opportunity to check out what’s new with Luna Park and other parts of this family friendly destination. And this season, we were excited to hear that the previous 4 hour wrist bands at Luna Park are now unlimited! That means visitors can enjoy the beach, stop for lunch, maybe even head to the aquarium or a Cyclones game- without worrying about the band expiring.



Luna Park is spread out over a few sections off of the boardwalk- with Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park in between. One of Gia’s favorite rides in Luna Park is the mermaid boat ride- perfect for little ones her age.



While Luna Park has an awesome selection of rides for the whole family- you might want to purchase a few rides from Deno’s since they have lots of toddler and preschool friendly rides that they’re sure to spot.



Of course, there’s no shortage of fun carnival games for the kids to play. If someone wants to win a Coney Island Donut pillow for me, that would be great.



Whether you pack a lunch or opt for something yummy from the boardwalk, we highly suggest stopping for ice cream at Coney’s Cones for dessert. Of course, you’ll also find the classic funnel cake option too.



If you happen to visit on a Friday, be sure to stay as the sun goes down and the boardwalk lights up. After a fun filled day of rides, head back to your blanket in the sand and wait for the fireworks to begin. Bring some glowsticks or light up toys from home, and have a dance party in the sand. Fill that mommy sippy cup with your favorite red or white wine, and enjoy the show. On the way to the car, let the kids jump on one last ride- and listen to their exhausted snores all the way home.


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