Stay in a Tiny House on the Beach in NYC

View from the Lenore


If you remember, back in September we spent a night in a tiny house upstate to celebrate my 30th birthday. Thanks to Getaway House, city dwellers have the opportunity to unplug in the woods in a collection of their tiny houses- think glamping but in a tiny house. Well, fast forward to summer, and we were so excited to learn that they were bringing the tiny house experience right here to the shores of NYC for a pop up location.

From now until Labor Day, Getaway House has placed three of their tiny houses right on the beach in Gateway National Recreational Area. Guests learn of the exact location and the code for the keypad a few days before check in- which is accessible by car or public transportation. The houses are part of Getaway’s tiny house family- but since they are not permanent, there is no hot water, and limited cold water. There is also limited electricity- although with a firepit to hang by and the waves crashing just feet away, we’re sure that won’t be an issue for most folks.

Read about our experience and see some photos from our stay below:

Check In


Row of tiny houses



We checked into the Lenore around 4 pm on a weekday afternoon. There is a parking lot nearby, and the houses are lined up near each other along a quiet road with plenty of shrubbery in between for privacy. The Lenore was parked so that the large window over the bed faced the water, with a picnic table and firepit right on the side. Inside, the house is equipped with all of your basic necessities- including food options available for purchase if you decide to pack light.


The kitchen- equipped with pots, a cooler, cups, plates, a tea pot, and other basic essentials


View from the front door facing left


Fun cabin/tiny house decor and reading material


Food items available- simply take and pay later


The bathroom- limited flushes in this futuristic toilet


While the kitchen is equipped with a two burner stove top and food items for purchase, we opted to bring our own portable grill and food to cook. We even brought our new fish fryer we purchased for special occasions and enjoyed fresh calamari by the campfire.



A cool driftwood structure left by a beach goer


Strolling the beach


Since we’d be lighting the firepit later in the evening, we spent the first few hours hanging out by the water. While the public beach is about a ten minute walk down the beach, it felt like we were on a private island. There were some people fishing, strolling on the sand, walking their dogs – but for the most part it was this amazing feeling of seclusion while still being able to see the hustle and bustle of the city.





The moon was full, we toasted to a beautiful sunset before heading over to light the firepit and have a late dinner. It was the perfect way to end a relaxing evening by the beach and we spent the rest of the night by the fire before heading to bed.





I left the shade up so that I could wake up to the sunrise over the water. It was beautiful to wake up to boats headed out to the Atlantic Ocean and the sound of birds chirping. As much as I wanted to go back to sleep in the cozy bed, I was too excited to go out and enjoy our last few hours by the beach before check out.


Morning Exploration



We spent the rest of the morning walking along the water, bird watching, and looking for rocks, crabs, and cool shells. There was another cool sculpture made of driftwood and found items along the beach which was pretty awesome.







We then headed back to the tiny house for an early lunch before it was time to check out. We ate the rest of the food that we had brought for dinner, and enjoyed the private water view one last time. I then braved the cold shower and we left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.



Although it was just a short night’s stay, once again our tiny house experience was an unforgettable one. To be able to get away without actually going away was amazing, and we for sure want to return before the summer is over.  Getaway House encourages their guests to unplug, relax, and be one with nature. Mission accomplished.


What You Should Know

  • Unlike the the tiny houses upstate, this one had no grill. So either bring food to make on the small stovetop, or bring a portable grill (or purchase the food available if you’d like)
  • There is a picnic table outside for sitting by the fire, but I recommend bringing beach chairs or camp chairs to be able to sit on the beach and by the fire later in the evening.
  • Don’t forget the ice! There is a cooler available in the tiny house, but we brought a cooler of ice to keep our drinks nice and cold
  • While the public beach is just a bit down the shore, this sand is not cleaned like the nearby beach. So there was some garbage that had been brought up by the tide or left by campers from the nearby camping area.
  • Bring bug spray! While we didn’t get bit at all, it’s always good to bring along.
  • Pack light for the beach- I recommend going to the beach before check in. Park in the nearby parking lot for the tiny house, and then walk down to the beach and back- it will feel like coming home to your own beach house where you can shower, get comfortable, and sit by the fire or watch the sunset over the water.
  • Getaway House will send you a check in guide where you can see what there is to explore locally- perfect for after check out activities.

Ready to go!? Getaway released half of their available nights first, and they are pretty much all booked up. But, they will be releasing more dates throughout the summer- so keep checking back and follow along on their Instagram or Facebook for updates.

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Have more questions? Feel free to leave a comment below or email me! We were happy to answer questions about the upstate location for some guests who wanted a bit more insight before their first Getaway! Email





Thanks to Getaway House for hosting us to facilitate this review. As always, all opinions are our own.





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