Composting in the Bronx

I recently started a tiny outdoor garden for my daughters to help maintain and enjoy. Before then, we’d only really done herb gardens and other window planting, so we were all excited to see that it’s been growing already. The small step of gardening really got me excited about other ways I can think about the environment and make our footprint smaller- for example, composting. If you didn’t already know, the NYC Department of Sanitation collects food scraps and yard waste to turn them into compost. This compost then creates healthy soil, which nourishes plants. In return, DSNY also gives away free compost at street tree care and distribution events- that can then help little gardens like mine.

There are quite a few ways to get involved in composting. Visit to learn about containers and bins for families, food scrap drop off sites, and upcoming events where compost is being distributed.

Right now, there are a few Bronx neighborhoods that offer collection service, with more beginning later this year. Residents can also always drop off at the designated sites during listed hours:



Once your neighborhood receives pick up services and drops off your brown bin, here are the waste items that can be put inside:


  • Vegetables and fruit
  • Prepared foods
  • Baked goods
  • Cereal, flour, grains, pasta, and rice
  • Eggs and eggshells
  • Dairy products
  • Meat, fish, bones and nuts

Food-Soiled Paper

  • Paper towels and napkins
  • Paper plates
  • Coffee filters and tea bags
  • Paper bags
  • Paper trays

Leaf + Yard Waste

  • Leaves
  • Grass clippings
  • Garden trimmings
  • Plants

If you’re interested in learning more; there are workshops, composting bins you can purchase for your backyard, educational materials and more. Visit for additional information.

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