Haylo 3d Imaging Offers Belly Casting, Gender Reveal Parties, & More

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By Valerie Diaz

I wanted to share with you a true gem in the Bronx.  Haylo 3d Imaging is owned and operated by the amazing Haydee Longmore, a DMS since 1999. The facility itself is breathtaking with its modern design, welcoming vibe and is above reproach when it comes to cleanliness.


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I have been visiting Haylo since I was pregnant with my first son. I chose her for our gender reveal and all sonograms. She is so patient and truly understands how special of an experience this is for a family. She makes you feel welcome and at complete ease. Her images are flawless!!


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When we found out we were expecting baby number 3 there was no question that we would be visiting Haylo for our sonogram needs, but also for a lifetime keepsake in the form of a belly cast!


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I had a few of my loved ones join us to help and share in the process. Haydee included my daughter Sophia and truly made her feel so special. It was great to take the time to sit back knowing we would be capturing my bump (huge bump I may add) and have a lifetime piece to remind me of this very special time in our life.


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Together we picked a style that went with my decor and I can honestly say, I love it!!! It was so well done with such attention to detail that we couldn’t be any happier. I thoroughly recommend you visit Haylo for all your sonogram/belly casting needs.


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Haylo 3D also offers private parties for belly casting and gender reveal celebrations. They have a wide selection of sonogram packages some of which include fetal heartbeat stuffed animals.

For more information, visit www.haylo3dimaging.com.

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