Family Time in the Mitsubishi Outlander GT



Last month we spent some time with the 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander GT. With this V6 Engine complete with third row seats, we were ready to test it out as both a car for travel as well as a vehicle for larger families.




The Quartz Brown colored Outlander arrived on the eve of our anniversary weekend, so after dropping off the kids with family, we headed thirty minutes north of the Bronx to Nyack for a relaxing stay at The Time Nyack Hotel.



The next day we spent the afternoon driving around the town of Nyack and exploring some of the more historic sites. After stopping into a small museum, we headed over to Memorial Park where families were out by the water enjoying the abnormally nice February afternoon. It was the perfect day to drive around with the Outlander’s windows down and the moonroof open.

On our way back to the Bronx we stopped at one of our favorite supermarkets in Yonkers- Stew Leonard’s, to pick up some steak to make at home for a nice quiet evening. With a recent back injury, the Outlander was a comfortable ride for my husband and we enjoyed our nice quiet journey back home.




Since the kids were off for a winter break, later that week we headed to Harlem to pick up our nephews for a family trip to the Poconos. We’d be meeting up with the rest of the family at our rental house- but the Outlander’s standard third row seating came in handy for picking up some of the crew on this side of the George Washington Bridge.




We all know that all third rows aren’t made alike. I always place the third row seats into two categories: capable of everyday use and occasional guests. I would definitely categorize the Outlander’s third row as the occasional guest use. Some of the things I consider when deciding this are the headroom, leg room, and cargo space left when the seats are up.

For the Outlander, the headroom is pretty low so rather than my two insanely tall teenage nephews sitting in the back for 2 hours, they sat in the second row while my oldest Briana sat in the third. Since cargo space was much smaller with the third row up, we kept half of the row down for additional luggage. With our bags, my nephews belongings, a cooler, and some other necessities- it was a pretty tight fit but we made it work.

The adaptive cruise control also came in handy during our ride to the Poconos- being able to moderate our speed and keep us at a safe distance from cars in front of us.

Being in the mountains, it was also great to know that the Outlander utilzied its ECO mode- switching from 2WD to 4WD when needbe to save on fuel and produce the lowest emissions.



Cargo space left when third row is used.




We spent three days in the Poconos in a beautiful lakefront cottage. It was nice to experience the lake house in the winter, with deer crossing our backyard every night. We BBQ’d, went galactic snowtubing, roasted marshmallows, and let the kids stay up late as they spent quality time with their cousins. It was the perfect winter trip with family and we can’t wait to go back in the summer.




In addition to having the convenient third row, the Outlander was an overall comfortable ride with a nice interior. With beige leather seats and a sleek black trim- it was a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing vehicle.

The technology also did not disappoint. Being big music lovers, the premium Rockford Fosgate Sound system was awesome- although we did lower the base when our daughter was in the third row as she complained about it being a little too strong when right next to the speakers.

Starting at $31,695 the Outlander GT certainly gives drivers a bang for their buck with the included standard features and was once again recognized for the 2017 llhs Top Safety Pick. It’s also meant to be a vehicle that lasts- complete with a 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain limited warranty.

Overall we really enjoyed our time in the Outlander and as a family of four would definitely recommend to a family similar to us. If you’re looking to constantly use the 7 seats, then it may not be the best option, but that all depends on their needs and comfort.

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Thanks to Driveshop for facilitating this review. As always, all opinions are our own.

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