Dominos: Wedding Registries & Ordering on Messenger

It’s #PizzaFriday, and we’re talking Dominos! While this is NYC and a classic slice from your local pizzeria is the norm- we’re always down for some Dominos. And in case the infamous Tracker that tells you Joe is making your pizza wasn’t enough- did you know that you can also order straight from Messenger? Oh and that they have a wedding registry?? We’ll get to that part, don’t worry.

Ordering on Messenger



Now you can toggle back and forth between your group chat and telling the Dominos bot what you want on your pizza. Right from Facebook’s Messenger, you can place a new order, your Easy Order or most recent order, or track an order. It’s just that simple. The only thing? Right now it’s cash only.


Domino’s Wedding Registry


You read that right. Dominos has created a fun wedding registry where brides and grooms to-be can have a little fun with their guests and replace toaster ovens with endless date nights at home. Each item on the registry is actually just a giftcard for the listed amount, but we’re loving the names of each option and think it’s actually a really fun idea for those who maybe already live together, or just LOVE pizza.

See the fun options:


Now that’s enough talking about pizza- if you’re going to partake in Pizza Friday, go make your order (no matter how you place it).

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