This Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose Crown Kit is Perfection



If you’re already counting down the days until your mommy-daughter date to see Beauty and the Beast, then we have the cutest crafting kit to pregame with. Our friends over at Seedling sent us these adorable Design Your Own Enchanted Rose Crown and Create Your Own Flower Press Book, and we couldn’t wait to get started.



The Rose Crown kit is recommended for ages 6 and up, but my 4 year old had fun picking out the flowers she wanted on the crown as I helped her put it together. The kit comes with plenty of flowers, stems, leaves, ribbon, and even some glitter glue to add to the final design if desired.




The kit comes with a variety of red and yellow flowers in different shapes and sizes. Each stem holds two flowers, and then are taped onto the crown. The flowers can also be replaced with different colors and sizes, so definitely keep the leftovers for later. Add ribbons on the back and you’re all set…




The end result was a beautiful rose crown….



Even mommy couldn’t resist but to release my inner princess. My ten year old is excited to collect some flowers for the flower press kit- nature club is this weekend so I’m sure she’ll get some pretty ones then.

To order your own Rose Crown Kit or Flower Press kit, check out

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