Popcorn & Wine Pairing 101


While most of us have learned our fair share of wine and cheese pairing, we’re sure most haven’t given much thought to wine and….popcorn! Our friends over at Skinny Pop have though, and they’ve got us covered with this handy infographic. Not only is it a genius idea to pair wine with the many flavors of their popcorn- it’s also way healthier than cheese. So go ahead and grab your Pinot Grigio and Jalapeno popcorn, and invite the ladies over!


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Host a popcorn and wine pairing night with friends

  • Assign each friend to bring one of the bottles from the chart.
  • Place a roll of chalkboard paper on the dining room table and draw lines from the bowls of popcorn as pictured above so guests can try out different flavors with the recommended wines.
  • Plan it around your favorite show so once guests pick their fave, they head over to the couch to munch and sip while you enjoy the new season of Scandal.
  • Don’t feel guilty about the mid-week splurge thanks to Skinny Pop!

For more info, visit www.skinnypop.com

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