Checking out Kiwi Crate: Science of Magic Box

By Jennifer Vargas

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My daughter is very into science and crafts. I’m always looking for activities and kits to entertain and help her develop this inquiry of hers. I recently came across this subscription called Kiwi Crate. Kiwi Crate’s philosophy is to inspire the next generation of scientists, artists and makers. It is a monthly subscription package that have crates that cater to ages 0-16+. I decided to get a kit and try it out. The kits are $19.95 a month and they are currently running a 30% off promo on your first box for new subscribers. My daughter is 4.5 so I chose the kiwi crate which is designed for children ages 5-8. I placed my order and anxiously awaited the arrival of our first crate.


unnamed (4)When it arrived I couldn’t have been more pleased. The kit of the month was the science of magic. It worked perfectly for us since my daughter has been interested in magic and how to do tricks. We have been having a blast with our magic box. The box was age appropriate. There was enough that my daughter was able to do on her own and a few things that she needed minimal assistance on. It came in extra handy with the recent blizzard. I had everything I needed to keep us engaged and entertained, having fun and learning all at the same time. The kits came with all the supplies to create 7 tricks. Some of our activities included making a magic box, the disappearing coin and disappearing handkerchief, bunny in a box, and floating confetti to name a few. All of the material needed were in the box including art supplies to decorate. Also included was a book on how to put together the tricks as well as explanations to how the tricks work. The box also came with a story and a few other tricks you can do at home to further explore.

What’s even more amazing about Kiwi Crate is if you decide not to subscribe to the monthly subscription you can still purchase past crates individually. Kiwi Crate also sends you daily tips and ideas/activities if you opt to sign up for their newsletter as well as provides a DIY link on their website as well as their app kiwi corner which is available in both the Apple store and google play store.

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