NYC Dads Group creates #DadStories at the Bronx Zoo with Baby Björn


By: Pope Jackson



The day after Valentine’s day, Daddy love was celebrated at the Bronx Zoo.  NYC Dads Group along with Baby Björn hosted a Winter Babywearing Adventure.  After a successful collaboration 1½ years ago, the group joined forces again along with some fathers from the Good+ Fatherhood Program.  #DadStories were the theme of the morning trip- focusing on the benefits of babywearing and bonding with our children.  Baby Björn provided their Baby Carrier Spring Collection 2017 for the Bronx Zoo trip.  The “light and joyful collection of baby carriers in cotton and mesh” were a hit with the dads.  

2017-02-16 (4)


2017-02-16 (6)


After breakfast and fun at the photo booth, dads got a tutorial on the history and proper use of the Baby Björn carriers.  Then we were off! You might not think of visiting the Zoo in February but there’s a couple of good reasons you MUST!  There were a few exhibits/attractions that were closed for the season but there were still tons to do. Living in the city it is easy to forget that there are quite a few animals that exist quite well in the cold.  Well they do and they were quite happy for the visitors.  Which is the other reason to visit, the zoo was practically empty.  Despite being a cloudy day, the weather turned quite pleasant and we had easy access to everything.


2017-02-16 (5)


NYC Dads Group, a part of City Dads Group, regularly hosts events for families around the city.  Find out about the next one on their Meetup page.  Baby Björn has been creating carriers for over 40 years and been celebrating dads since 1961.  The Baby Björn Baby Carrier One adapts with your child from birth to toddler.  Go out and create your own #DadStories.  

See more pics HERE.


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