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February is already here! And that means- Superbowl! Whether you watch it for the game, the commercials, or the food- well over 100 million viewers tuned in last year for the big game. And while hosts across the country might be consulting their “Superbowl Recipes” Pinterest board for menu ideas- did you know that less than half of Americans spend time at all preparing the bathroom! Seriously people!? And it doesn’t help that the most flushes in the entire year take place during halftime- known as the Halftime Bathroom Break!

Did you know?

Stats show that more toilets flush in America between the halftime whistle and the start of the third quarter than ANY other time of year (that record-making phenomenon is called the Halftime Bathroom Break)- NY Post 2012

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Halftime Bathroom Break

So, just because most of your guest’s time will be spent in the living room, let’s not neglect the room most will be spending halftime in- the bathroom! This year, Febreze and Charmin want to make sure that hosts all over the country are ready this time around. With Febreze’s OdorClear™ technology and Charmin Ultra Strong, you’ve got the tools needed for the big flush.




Tips for a Halftime Ready Bathroom


    • For those small NYC bathrooms, the Febreze smallSPACES sits perfectly on the back of the toilet so guests can have a pleasant smelling experience regardless of who went in right before them.
    • Keep surfaces shiny and put away any bathroom clutter. All guests really need is soap and a towel to dry their hands. No need for your entire toothbrush collection to be out.
    • Skip the cheap dollar store TP and risking a clog, and go for Charmin Ultra Strong. Guests won’t have to use as much toilet paper and you won’t have to whip out the plunger.
    • Keep a bottle of Febreze Air in easy reach of guests who might need it. Throw some loose toilet paper and the bottle in a cute basket, or add to the shelving above the toilet for easy access.
    • For the big game, we’re installing a fun gold MVP toilet seat to make guests laugh. Think of some other fun ways to give guests something to talk about- keep a basket with sports magazines near the toilet, or even a deck of index cards with football facts or trivia.


Just because the bathroom isn’t the most glamorous part of your home, doesn’t meant it shouldn’t be the most clean! Let’s get those numbers up for next year and keep the guests coming back year after year with the help of Febreze and Charmin.

Potty Mouth:

Some silly facts to share with your guests:


  • 3 rolls of Charmin Ultra Strong Mega Roll are long enough to span one entire football field.


  • The amount of water flushed is equivalent to 7 minutes of water flowing over Niagara Falls.-RotoRooter, 2016


  • When it comes to super bowl party prep among those watching the big game, 62% of people are most likely to forget to buy bathroom supplies.-ORC International


  • There are more odor molecules coming from the Halftime Bathroom Break than there are blades of grass on all NFL fields in America-Febreze


Ready for more laughs? Febreze will be debuting their first ever Super Bowl ad featuring Bad Mom’s Kathryn Hahn. Here’s your exclusive peek:




Will you be ready for the Halftime Bathroom Break? Don’t get caught with your pants down- literally!


For more information, visit www.febreze.com and www.charmin.com



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