I Love You, But You Stink.




As moms, we know all too well the smells that come from our homes, our pets, even the humans you live with. And sometimes, it’s your own belongings that can flare a nostril or two. To celebrate the things we love but that sometimes stank, Febreze has created a fun website to create Odor Odes dedicated to them. Is it your favorite tuna lunch that co-workers loathe? That pair of moccasins that wishes you’d wear socks, or your couch that has you wish fit into the washing machine. We’ve all been there, and by now- we know how wonderful a few spritz of Febreze can be. So head over to www.odorodes.com and create your own fun Odor Ode.

Last night we kicked off the fun with a poetry slam hosted by Febreze and Bad Mom’s Kathryn Hahn. From poems about everything from Uggs to bathrooms, we had a good laugh relating to the many stinky things we love. Hope you’ll join in on the fun!










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