Checking out Skylanders Imaginators

By: Charlene Toro Arias
One hot item my son recently had his eye on is the latest Skylanders Imaginators game for Wii U. We had the lucky opportunity to get our hands on a starter pack and review it before the holiday madness begins. If you have a little gamer in your family, then this is game to have. My eight year old son, AJ says this is the best Imaginators game so far.
He has collected many Skylanders characters, but loves the idea of creating his own. The new Imaginators allows the player to create their own characters using different powers and personalities to defeat the evil Kaos and save the Skylands. The powerful Senseis (the good guys) share their powers and help you build your team. AJ’s character is named, “Spin” and is a swashbuckler by origin, which according to my son makes him pretty fast. He can also use the other characters he’s collected with the new Imaginators portal. Creating “Spin” was pretty simple and fast. Knowing their powers and abilities makes it fun and puts your child’s imagination to work.
The starter pack comes with a portal, two Senseis and a Creation Crystal. The animation is bright and the dialog is filled with good laughs and some sarcastic humor. This is one game I allowed him to play on a school night. Of course, product research is work, right? AJ’s advice to all kids, “put this game on your Christmas list!”, “It’s the best one!”.
Skylanders Imaginators is available for different gaming systems and makes for an easy gift.
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