Adventure to Santa in Ridge Hill



Last week we ventured over to Ridge Hill in Yonkers to preview this year’s Adventure to Santa by Dreamworks. You may remember the fun adventure from previous years with Shrek- but this time you’re in for a fun ride with the gang from Kung Fu Panda.


The Scoop: Families make their journey with the help of a mischievous panda in an all-new Adventure to Santa, a journey that takes guests from China to the North Pole. The adventure includes all-new entry room animation featuring Po and friends, two new interactive games, exciting animation that brings the house to life and a rocket-powered cart ride culminating in a private family visit with Santa.

Our Experience:


We arrived at Adventure to Santa and checked in with the friendly elves, who took our photos and printed out passports for our adventure.


Once inside we listened to Po and planned our journey to the North Pole.


The kids then practiced their journey to the North Pole with a fun game.


We then hopped onto a sleigh and into the air we went with Po- his flying skills a bit rocky at times….


At last, we made it to Santa! The kids had a chance to tell them their wish list and chat it up a bit. Briana asked Santa what his favorite cookies were so she knew what to leave out- gingerbread and chocolate chip!

After, we entered the gift shop where you can purchase photos and some Dreamworks plush toys and other souvenirs from your time at the North Pole.



To passport to the North Pole, visit


Tips: The lines can get crazy, so try to book your passport early. Bring something to keep the kids busy on line, and bundle up on those cold days as the line is outdoors.


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