Lysol Back to School Science Fair in the Bronx


Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images for Lysol

Earlier this month BronxMama had the pleasure of joining Lysol-a RB brand– at the Boys and Girls Joel E. Smilow Clubhouse in the Bronx to check out some pretty cool germ ridding science experiments performed by some even cooler 4th graders.  Read all about it here!




As parents, there is nothing more important then the health of our children. At home we give them their vitamins, try our best to provide them with a healthy and balanced diet, we’re constantly cfullsizerender-2hanging sheets, disinfecting surfaces and telling them over and over to wash their hands. Then they go to school and suddenly the year is plagued with ear infections, strep throat and stomach bugs that sound like something out of medieval times. FUN!  Let’s face it, while we may do our best to keep germs at bay at home,  we tend to forget about the millions of germs or “surprise students” as Lysol lovingly calls them, lurking at school (we’re talking desks, door knobs, handrails, floors…you get the picture). Of course, so do our kids when they don’t have mom and dad there to simply remind them to wash their hands- and if you have a nail biter like I do, you might as well have your sick days lined up and make sure there’s an amoxicillin refill on deck at all times.


Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images for Lysol

While we as parents are quite familiar with all of the above, our kids don’t always get it, so Lysol decided to challenge a group of 4th grade participants at the Madison Square Boys and Girls Club of America – Joel E. Smilow Clubhouse to measure germs on commonly touched surfaces in the classroom through science experiments. With a little guidance from microbiologist Joe Rubino, Research & Development Director, Hygiene Personal Care & Surface at RB,  the kids were broken up into 4 groups, each with a different experiment. Their experiments were then to be judged by Actress and mom of 2 Ali Larter, National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners representative Dr. Mary Beth Koslap-Petraco and Microbiologist Joe Rubino.  When the kids found out through their experiments that the flu virus can live on hard surfaces for up to two days,  they started  to understand why it’s so important to practice healthy habits such as frequent hand washing, covering their mouths with the crook of their arm when coughing and sneezing, and wiping down surfaces with Lysol disinfecting wipes when possible.


Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images for Lysol

Seeing the pride on the faces of these young “Bronxites” as they showed off their experiments and explained their findings was nothing short of heartwarming. They couldn’t wait to find out which group won, but ultimately the judges (and audience) agreed that each experiment was awesome in their own right and all groups were awarded a medal and Lysol product suite. At BronxMama, we are so incredibly proud of our “Bronx Kids” and what they are capable of with just a little support and encouragement. Congratulations to them!


Learn more about Lysol’s Healthy Habits Program here.

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