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The other day to try to make me feel better, the hubby walked in with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and some pumpkin spiced coffee creamer- I was feeling the love. I grabbed my pretty vase from under the sink, trimmed the stems, added in the flower food packet, and put them in the water. I placed them next to our bed on the nightstand, right in front of the window and admired how they looked. And the next day, they already looked like they were well on their way to dying.

Towards the end of the week as I was making a mess while I threw the dried flowers into the garbage and cleaned the vase, I received an email from BloomsyBox, asking me to try their subscription flower service. I was very curious- if I couldn’t keep a vase of flowers from the local florist alive, how would ones shipped in a box even have a chance? I was ready to find out.


The red BloomsyBox arrived on my doorstop a few days later. Wrapped in brown paper and a red bow, I was excited to see which flowers they picked for this month.


As I unwrapped the paper, I looked down at the bouquet and thought Great, this isn’t going to go well.


But then I noticed they had read my mind. Don’t worry, they might look dead- but they actually just haven’t bloomed yet! This bouquet of Alstroemerias should start to bloom within 48 hours and can last 15 days!


I loved the step by step instructions included with the flowers. Most of it was what I already knew, but there were a few helpful tips that I hoped would give me better luck with having the flowers last longer.


I followed the instructions, put the vase in the same place on my nightstand, and hoped for the best. I had no idea what to expect.


The next morning, I woke up to the most beautiful bouquet of flowers. Some were still in bloom, but the colors were gorgeous and it was such a full bouquet. Now it was up to me to follow the instructions and keep them alive. I made sure to keep the water clean and remove any wilted flowers.


Five days in and they had bloomed fully and were beautiful. The water was still crystal clear.


Here we are on Day 7 and they are still going strong. I did change the water today and pick off some wilting leaves- but this is the best I’ve gotten flowers to look for this long. I know this comes easy for some, but there are many folks out there like me who can’t seem to get flowers to last long.


Fresh flowers are always a nice addition to any home. They bring a beautiful smell, pops of color, and an overall good feeling when you enter the room. But they’re not cheap, and spending money on flowers for them to die within a few days is such a waste. So I’m loving my experience with BloomsyBox. Not to mention it’s a great gift for husbands to treat their wives with- because bringing flowers home shouldn’t only be for special occasions.

Starting at $34.99 a month, they’re a great subscription idea for anyone- friends, family, and of course- yourself. There are no commitments- meaning you can skip weeks, change plans, or cancel at anytime.


What’s difference about BloomsyBox? Well for starters, they don’t send any mixed bouquets. Each month you’ll receive a single variety bouquet and they are all sourced direct from suppliers in South America, Holland, Thailand and California. This means no middle man mark up on your bouquet.

BloomsyBox is also a great way to learn about new flowers and see which ones last or look great in your home. There is even a Bloomsy Roses option for those who just want to receive different roses each month.

Interested in trying them out for yourself? Visit

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