CompTIA Wants to Flip the Stereotype Surrounding #womenintech with #MakeTechHerStory


Did you know that a study conducted by CompTIA found that only 23 percent of girls considered an IT career? Despite women playing a key role in the growth of the IT industry, their representation has stagnated. CompTIA is on a mission to change that. After a study conducted over the summer, they’ve started the #MakeTechHerStory campaign. See the video below for more of their study’s findings and then read below how you can help change that.

69% of girls surveyed don’t know what a tech career involves


To coincide with the #MakeTechHerStory campaign, visitors to the website can create a modern Rosie the Riveter avatar. Since Rosie served as an icon of female empowerment, the avatar creator allows girls to create an avatar that looks more like them- helping to show girls everywhere that anyone – regardless of gender, race, or age – can work in IT.

How Can You Help?

CompTIA has made a list of ways adults can help to inspire girls to gain interested in tech-focused careers:

  • As a parent or guardian, you don’t need to work in IT to encourage your daughter’s interest in a tech-focused career. Turn to CompTIA’s Get into IT report for IT career motivation you can share with your kids.
  • For teachers and other educational professionals, volunteering to teach a TechGirlz workshop is a great way to educate and inspire the next generation of women in tech.
  • And if you work in IT, CompTIA’s Dream IT program provides a platform to embolden girls to become leaders in tech.


For more info on the study and to create your avatar, visit

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