What You Should Know About Children’s Eye Health #WorldSightDay

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It’s #WorldSightDay!


Among the endless, and often silly national holidays we celebrate across social media, this one is actually very important. World Sight Day was started four years ago as a day to focus global attention on blindness and vision impairment. So we’ve partnered up with Metro Optics Eyewear in the Bronx to bring you some important information on vision and eye health when it comes to kids.

Let’s start with this. An estimated 19 million children worldwide are visually impaired. But did you know that 80% of visual impairment is avoidable – meaning it is readily treatable and/or preventable? Undiagnosed vision problems in children can lead to poor academic performance and behavioral issues.


What Should This Mean For You?

Those quick vision screenings performed at your child’s annual well visit aren’t always enough. A comprehensive eye exam can only be conducted by an optometrist or ophthalmologist. Yes those free vision checks at your child’s school are great, but providers are usually volunteers utilizing a Snellen chart (which kids can sometimes “cheat”) and usually aren’t able to discuss optical needs and make concrete recommendations for further care. 

Specialized equipment and procedures are used that allow the doctor to evaluate both visual acuity and eye health, determine your prescription, and diagnose any eye conditions.

Where To Go

Metro Optics makes it easy for busy families. Their fully licensed and board-certified Medical Optometrists perform eye exams 6 days a week at their 4 locations. 

Metro Optics Eyewear Locations:

Parkchester | Westchester Square | Hunts Point | Throggs Neck

And the Cost?

If you’re concerned about the extra cost, don’t be. Under the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare), all Qualified Health Plans (QHPs) sold on the Marketplace include pediatric vision coverage. Therefore all children have full coverage for childhood comprehensive eye exams and glasses or contact lenses if needed.  This is important to note since adult vision coverage is not required by all QHPs- so parents should take advantage now while the coverage is provided and issues can be prevented.

What about Medicaid?

Children with Medicaid coverage are entitled to an annual eye exam, plus dilation if necessary, as well as glasses every year – this even includes impact-resistant child polycarbonate lenses. You’re even covered on replacements if necessary.

For Those Without Insurance

Even those with no insurance at all have options. Metro Optics offers affordable package options with their Metro Optics Vision Club. 

Metro Optics accepts hundreds of vision insurance plans. To find out if your vision insurance is accepted, visit www.metrooptics.com. and select the location nearest you.


Your Visit


If you decide to schedule an exam at one of the Metro Optics locations, you’re in good hands. While each of their 4 locations in the Bronx are great, we especially love the Kids Corner at their Throggs Neck home. Children can play while they wait to be seen, and have the chance to check out the different frames that are available.

How Often?

The American Optometric Association publishes guidelines regarding frequency of eye exams for both children and adults. For children, the AOA recommends visits at 6 months, 3 years, before first grade, and then every two years thereafter, or as recommended by your eye care professional (see chart). With our families’ increasing use of digital devices (“screen time”) and corresponding increase of digital eye strain symptoms, it’s especially important to stay on top of kid’s eye health.



Things to Remember

Beyond the recommended eye exams, parents should educate themselves on further ways to protect their children’s eyes. This means proper eye protection when outdoors (impact-resistant, UV-blocking sunglasses)- during all seasons. Also limiting screen time and being mindful of the effects that today’s technology has on our eye health.

We recommend following Metro Optics on their various social media pages- where they frequently share useful information and tips to help stay on top of our entire family’s vision.

For more information on World Sight Day, visit www.iapb.org

To learn more about Metro Optics and to request an apppointment for an eye exam, visit www.metrooptics.com

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  1. We found out my daughter needed glasses at 4 years and 11 months old. Both my husband and I wear glasses/contacts, but we were older kids when we got them. We felt so bad that our daughter couldn’t see and didn’t know how to tell us. We had tested her older brother starting when he was 4, we didn’t have her eyesight tested until she was almost 5 (aside from the pediatrician’s yearly eye and ear checkup). Now we get their eyes tested yearly at the optometrist.


    1. Thanks for sharing Nancy! Before working on this post I didn’t realize that the doctor’s check up was not always enough. Off to make an appointment for my girls as well! Glad everything worked out and I’m sure you share this info with friends and family who didn’t know either.


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