Country Style Birthday Celebration with BJ’s Wholesale Club


If you’ve ever ordered a cake at BJ’s, then you know they’ve got that classic birthday cake flavor that we know and love. Add a scoop of ice cream and you’ve traveled back to a more simple time- before fondant and $800 birthday cakes that look too real to eat. The classic BJ’s sheet cakes have been a go-to for families forever, and now we are happy to share that since last month they have begun to offer their own Wellsley Farm two-tiered cake for customers who want a little something beyond the classics.

As a BJ’s Ambassador, I was beyond excited to share this news with readers. My 30th birthday was approaching and I figured it would be the perfect reason to try out the cake myself. While we have three Bronx BJ’s locations, I usually go to the Pelham Manor location- just outside of the Bronx since it’s closest to my house. Well, let’s just say that while it seems as though other locations are doing great with the two-tier option, we learned that this location was having a hard time with it. After hearing of the concerns, I still went ahead and ordered a plain white two-tier cake to match the country theme of my birthday shenanigans, and figured that regardless a simple white cake would turn out great.



I’m happy to report there were no issues with our order. We picked up the cake the morning of my party and arrived home to set up. I placed the cake on a white cake stand, added some faux flowers and “30” in gold numbers to the second tier. I loved the simple white cake and how it looked with a few of my own added accents.


I loved the result and it went perfect with the country look that I was going for. Outside we had placed hay bales, string lights, and sunflowers for a cozy hangout for guests. It was so much fun to transform our small front space into a southern retreat.


I picked up fall decor from various stores leading up the party, and turned to BJ’s for the sodas, beer, cups, plates, and other party staples.



We continued the theme upstairs in the kitchen with the dessert table. I picked up several yummy fall-themed dessert options from our local supermarket as well as BJ’s delicious bakery items- like pumpkin rolls, muffins, and their yummy cornbread to go with our country themed dinner menu- which included BBQ pulled pork from a pork shoulder I purchased at BJ’s also.


My Southern 30th Birthday gathering was a success. Great food, great company, and fun decor! As usual, BJ’s had the perfect selection to make it happen- and their new two-tiered cake option was the perfect addition to the party.

While I ordered a simple white cake, Wellsley Farms currently offers a few design options as of now. Check out the video below to see some of what they offer:



The cakes are $29.99 and consist of a 5-inch cake set atop a 10-inch cake. Cakes must be ordered 24 hours in advance.

We spoke to a few locations in addition to the Pelham Manor one and they seemed to be doing great with the new two-tiered cakes. In fact, one we visited had several options inside their case, which means they must be doing pretty good to make so many in advance. We’re hoping the Pelham location works out the kinks and the new two-tiered options do well.

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Consideration brought to you by BJ’s Wholesale Club. I am a BJ’s Wholesale Club Ambassador and produce fun content monthly to share with readers. As always, all opinions are our own.

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