Checking Out STOMP at the Orpheum Theater




If you’ve been wanting to take your kid to a show but you’ve been afraid they’ll get bored, or won’t be able to sit still or be quiet?  I think we’ve found the show for you!





A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to bring my increasingly hard to impress tween down to the Orpheum Theater in the East Village (just a few blocks away from the Astor Pl 6 train station) for the packed afternoon show STOMP.  Not exactly sure of what to expect, we took our seats . The lights dimmed then Marivaldo Dos Santos appeared on the stage before us with just a broom joined by the rest of the cast one-by-one, and just like that we were sucked in- wondering what they were going to do next.

We were treated to 90 minutes of rhythm from the unlikeliest of “instruments” – match boxes, barrels, shopping carts, NEWSPAPERS, tubes, broom handles, sinks and so much more. It was amazing! The audience even got to join in, adults and children couldn’t help but move in their seats with huge smiles, EVEN MY DAUGHTER!!!



I think STOMP did an amazing job at showing kids (alright, adults too) that it’s okay to use your imagination and everything can have another purpose than what it’s meant for.

This was a pretty dope show for literally the entire family but if you or your child is sensitive to or upset by loud noises you may want to skip.




STOMP is 90 minutes long, with no intermission. Children must be 4 and older. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit








We received tickets to facilitate this review. As always, all opinions are our own.

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