Win a Braun Puremix Blender + Smoothie2Go Set for Back to School

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My oldest Briana is insanely picky when it comes to breakfast. She doesn’t like milk in her cereal, only likes vanilla yogurt, hardly eats pancakes or waffles- and the list goes on. But one thing she does love? Smoothies! Which is great for me- so easy to throw some pre-mixed ingredients in the blender and create a delicious and healthy smoothie filled with fruits (and even some veggies-shh!).

If your kids are fans or smoothies and you have some yummy recipes to share, then we want to share a current giveaway hosted by Braun- head over to their Facebook page and share your time saving back to school smoothie recipe for a chance to win a Braun Puremix Blender + Smoothie2Go Set for Back to School.  Feel free to leave your favorite recipes  below too- we’d love to share!

To enter, visit Braun’s Facebook page here.

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  1. This would be great to get back on track with my breakfast green smoothies.


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