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Have you tried a meal delivery service? Would you ever? I wasn’t sure if I could ever see myself doing so, but when Home Chef reached out to ask me to review two days of their service, I was all for it. Honestly, I had associated meal delivery services with folks who aren’t the best at cooking or who always cook by recipe. Being with a chef for 12 years, you could say that does not apply to me. But what I hadn’t considered is the fact that I can be a lazy cook, and I often get bored or wait until the last minute to decide what to make for dinner. Maybe a meal delivery service could work for me after all…




My box of two meals arrived on a Wednesday. Padded with plenty of ice packs, there was no need for me to be home to receive them. I arrived home late, so into the fridge the two meal options went while I added the recipe cards to my new Home Chef binder. The great part was being able to read the cards and see how long I had to cook the meals- I planned to make the first one the following day.

IMAG3423First up was the Thai Pork Lettuce Wraps. When choosing my week’s meals, I had chosen that I preferred low carb meals. This was a great recipe idea and I was excited to get started. The ingredients are packaged super convenient- the protein sectioned off, sauces in jars or packets, and the only real prep work is cutting the greens.
For this dish, there was just some slicing of some ingredients and cooking the ground pork. The sauce took seconds to make and before I knew it I was assembling the wraps.

The wraps were a huge hit and not a bite went uneaten. Even though it was something as simple as a pork wrap, the ingredients were pretty specific and I probably wouldn’t have went out of my way to purchase larger quantities of some of them. Home Chef made it possible to add a little variety to our dinner menu without wasting ingredients.




IMAG3461The second day it was time to make the Quick Braised Salmon with Miso Honey Caesar Salad. The ingredients were packaged conveniently and allowed for me to get right to the main part after simply rough chopping the romaine lettuce and a few ingredients.

While we make salmon at home, once again this recipe included a few ingredients we don’t normally have at home, which was great.



The final result was a delicious meal that was once again devoured. Although for this one, I did find that the portion was smaller than my husband was used to- but is a great way to exercise better portion control.

In the end, my experience with Home Chef for the two meals was well received and tasted great. With the two options I had, it seemed worth it if you consider the convenience and the ingredients it would have taken to create the dishes. At $9.95 per serving, I think as long as these two aspects exist then it’s worth it to utilize the service whenever you’d like.

Since I’m such a frugal shopper and keep a tight budget when it comes to food shopping- someone like me might only use the service here and there. It’s great for busy weekday schedules or fun filled summer nights when the last thing you want to do is figure out what to cook after a long day out with the family. You chose how often you want to receive a meal, so even if you chose one night a week- it’s a great idea to have it ready for that one night you’d end up getting fast food or fattening take out.

Home Chef offers three main needs:


Every week, Home Chef offers 13 new meal delivery options, including gluten-free, low carb, vegetarian, soy-free and nut-free meals.


Change your meal delivery day, adjust the number of meals or servings you receive, skip a week or pause your account to fit your busy life.


Skip the grocery store. Forget meal planning. Home Chef delivers everything you need to make home-cooked meals from scratch in about 30 minutes.


To check out Home Chef and see the meals for yourself, visit


What do you think? Have you used a meal delivery service? Would you be interested in trying?


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  1. I start school back up next week and I’ve been trying to figure out dinner for the hubby and kid while I’m in class, This could be something to look into.


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