Tackling Travel & Mass Transit with the GB Pockit Stroller

IMAG0351Getting around with little ones in NYC can be a challenge. Especially us outer borough folks. And anyone who’s ever traveled with a stroller on the train knows two things: 1. Elevators only exist at stations you rarely use and 2. Apparently moms carrying strollers up 3 flights of stairs are invisible. I look back at my daily commute to the West Side with my now ten year old and wonder how I ever survived it. I went through at least 4 different strollers trying to find the lightest and easiest to collapse. The result? I never found it.

Fast forward to my 4 year old. While I’m thankful that the daily train commute days are over, the last two years have consisted of a lot of walking. My oldest daughter’s school is a mile away- good exercise for me but a bit far for such little legs to walk 4 miles to and from each day. So yes, I was one of those moms who people sneak pictures of and post on Instagram. And since they weren’t going to carry her when she fell asleep on many afternoons, I could care less if they thought she was too big for a stroller.

Aside from the daily school walks, my girls and I do a lot of walking in general. Being out all day with a toddler is unpredictable. Nap time can happen anywhere. So a simple umbrella stroller came everywhere with us.

Then came the GB Pockit Stroller. A stroller I wish I could stick in a time machine and surprise myself with on the train platform. The world’s most compact stroller and only 9.5 lbs.


The stroller folds so compact, when it arrived in the mail it was ready to use right out of the box. The fold is small enough to fit inside a tote bag yet it holds up to 55 lbs. There’s a small storage basket underneath that can hold up to 11 lbs and a simple sunshade that folds down when not in use. My daughter is around 35 pounds so in her other stroller walking up hills was a workout. Even only being around 5 pounds lighter than our other stroller, there was a considerable difference with the Pockit. My oldest even started to help push the stroller, something she never did before because it was too heavy. We had struck stroller gold.

IMAG1982Despite being so light, the Pockit is surprisingly very sturdy. It moves and turns smoothly, and it’s comfortable. There isn’t a recline, but the material is pretty giving so that sleepy toddlers can nap without a problem.

How is the fold? The fold is quite simple after a few practices. Despite the smallest fold, I actually found myself preferring a fold with one less step that was still small, but without the extra step of folding the wheels in. To me, this was the best fold for those moments when you have two seconds to jump on the bus or when you’re going to be opening it right back up.

Any Cons? Well, I wouldn’t call them cons because there are going to be some trade offs when asking for the world’s most compact stroller. Here are some key things to consider:

  • The canopy doesn’t do much- it’s simply a flap that flips over and provides some shade. However, since it’s so light it only takes a slight wind to make it blow up
  • At around 37 inches tall, it’s a bit on the short side for taller parents.
  • Beyond the small storage basket, there aren’t other storage options like trays or cup holders.

Now, if you’re familiar with GB then you might know their other compact stroller, the QBIT. This stroller has a one handed fold and comes with a travel bag that is stored underneath the seat. I wonder why the Pockit didn’t also come with its own bag, although any fold-able tote bag can easily  become it’s home.


Last Thoughts

So, if you’re looking for a stroller with more bells and whistles for everyday use, then this stroller might not be for you. But for everyday commuters and families who are traveling, this is one amazing stroller. Any city mama or traveling mama who understands the pain of mass transit with a stroller needs the Pockit. With a $240 pricetag, it’s not a cheap umbrella stroller- but it is a lifesaver.

For more info, visit www.gbchildusa.com



-Nicole Perrino


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