Cirque du Soleil’s Paramour


This week we had the chance to head into Manhattan and check out Cirque du Soleil’s Paramour at the Lyric Theater on Broadway. Already a fan of Cirque’s shows, we were excited to see them in a musical and blend both a Broadway story with their famous acrobatic performances. The story is set in the golden age of Hollywood, where a newly famous actress Indigo is forced to choose between love and art. What will she choose?


The storyline of the show kept the entire audience’s eyes locked on the stage- with plenty of singing and performances throughout. Because the show was about Hollywood, the musical aspect as well as gravity defying performances made sense and blended together seamlessly. A love story, a classic Cirque show- it was a magical evening.

In the show, a scrooge-like director finds his muse and wants to make her the next big Hollywood star. His wish comes true, but when the actress realizes what she wants, things get complicated. And how does it end? Let’s just say you’ll never predict this one.

It was also pretty cool to be a part of a first on Broadway- the show features over 15 different circus arts disciplines, many of which have never appeared on Broadway before. Be prepared to look up in awe then cringe with fear for many of the acts- including aerial strap artists, trapeze, and more.

While some veteran Broadway go-ers haven’t given this show the best of reviews, for us it was perfectly executed. This show is for Cirque fans, those seeking something different, and is a great compromise for date night. A love story? No. Action? No. Let’s do both! The execution of costume, prop, and scene changes alone made us appreciate the work put into this show.



The Lyric Theater was also the perfect setting for this Hollywood glam story. A wonderful summer night out with a date, girlfriends, or even the kids- we truly enjoyed this show.

Keep the glam going with dinner and the show, or channel Indigo’s southern roots and have a cheap bbq dinner at Dallas BBQ right up the block. Either way, it’s worth the trek on the train to see this fantastic show.

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