A Customized Book for Little Ones Starting School



Starting school is a lot different this time around with my youngest Gia. My older daughter Briana was in school since she was small, and so transition to kindergarten was a breeze- at least for her anyway (I was a mess). Fast forward to her little sister, who has been mostly home with me for the last 4 years. Gia is very social and has been in dance, but this will be her first classroom experience. To get her ready, I had been reading the classic Berenstain Bears series to her- since there is a book about starting school. Gia loved it, so when Twigtale asked me to check out one of their customizable books for starting school,  I was excited to create one just for Gia.


Gia is at the perfect age to be amazed by seeing herself in a book. When I opened up the package a few days after placing my order, she was so excited to see herself on the front cover. Once I turned the page and started reading she was completely enthralled and into the story. Almost all pages include a space for a photo and lots of parts to customize the story.


In this story there is a sort of play by play of what happens on a typical school day. It gives parents a chance to get their children prepared for what to expect. Who is going to drop them off, their teacher’s name, what they will do in school, and who will pick them up.

Page by page this story gets little ones excited and prepared for school.

Check out Twigtale and all of their customizable books at www.twigtale.com




We received a copy for review. As always, all opinions are our own.

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