Bronx Sailor earns Sailor of the Day



Woop Woop!


Yeoman 3rd Class Takeisha Dennis was recently named Sailor of the Day aboard USS Dwight D. Eisenhower. Dennis hails from Bronx, New York and is originally from Trinidad. She is a 1998 graduate of El Dorado Secondary School and attended Ross Community College. Dennis received the award because, as one of Ike’s Engineering Department’s Yeoman, she has processed the paperwork for over 20 transferring Sailors since the start of deployment to include their transfer packages, evaluations and awards.  She performs at the level of a seasoned Second Class Petty Officer. YN3 Dennis requires no supervision and performs her demanding duty with little to no rework.  She’s recently qualified her second pin since Ike deployed and has been a hard charger since joining the Engineering team. She mentors at least 10 Sailors throughout the ship.  She leaves no stone unturned with a head always on the swivel.  She enlisted in the Navy February 12, 2013. Dennis is the wife of Deon Jones, and daughter of Sharon Dennis and Allen Hickson.


Go Takeisha!

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