Recap: Tutu Goes Green Reading & Signing in Soundview Park



This past weekend Bronx bred author Tulani Thomas came out to Soundview Park for a book reading and giveaway of her book Tutu Goes Green sponsored by Assemblyman Marcos Crespo and Fidelis care. The book tells the story of a little girl named Tutu and her quest to spread the message of how children can help save the environment.




The Soundview Park Amphitheater was the perfect setting for this story- recently added to the 205 acre park where outdoor movies and other fun events take place. The park is a great place to teach children ways in which to help the environment, and be able to continue to enjoy time spent outdoors.




Before the storytime began, attendees were given a gift bag from Fidelis with their own copy of Tutu Goes Green. They were then given the chance to refresh and cool off with iced cold bottles of Aquaball water and organic Slammers in several flavors. The well known Bronx optical chain Metro Optics was also in attendance to speak to families on the importance of eye care- an essential for reading and storytime!




After the storytime, Tulani signed copies of the book for each child and let them ask questions. Tulani was so happy to be able to return to her hometown and share her story with everyone- we hope she returns soon!

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