Day Trip: Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark in the Poconos



With so much to do within driving distance of the Bronx, we don’t often get to visit the same place twice. But when it comes to one place, the kids love it so much that we’ve made it part of our annual summer fun. That place is Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark.

Situated at the bottom of a beautiful mountainside in the Poconos, Camelbeach is actually the biggest waterpark in Pennsylvania. No matter where you are in the park, you’ll enjoy gorgeous views of the Pocono mountains while the kids are able to take advantage of over 37 rides and slides. We just took a day trip up this week to check out the latest feature at the park- Mummy’s Oasis.




The first feature you see when arriving inside Camelbeach, Mummy’s Oasis is a family play zone for kids 48″ and smaller. It’s the perfect interactive playzone with slides, sprinklers, and gadgets for the little ones to explore. When arriving on a hot day, stand under the sprinklers or get soaked by the mummy’s bucket and then enjoy watching the kids play before heading to the next zone.




While I headed to the big slides with our oldest, daddy hung out with Gia while she slid down the slides over and over.




Gia isn’t a fan of water in her face, so she carefully maneuvered around all of the larger sprinklers.




She did however, enjoy dumping water on other people.




I’m pretty sure Gia would have stayed at Mummy’s Oasis the entire time if we let her. But alas we convinced her there was more to be had that she didn’t remember from last summer and we headed off to Pharaohs Phortress.




At Pharaoh’s Phortress, there are bigger slides and more water dumping fun. But Gia loves it for an additional reason- there’s a small pool-like area that is 2 feet deep- perfect for her to feel like a big girl who can stand up in it. With her life jacket on, she enjoyed swimming while big sister and daddy ran off to enjoy the rest of the fun zone.




Between rides and attractions, we stopped for some ice cream at Mountain Frost.




Later we had lunch and planned out the second half of our day- Briana was ready to go on the Vortex- I wasn’t ready to accept the fact that my baby was big enough for it this summer- you must be a strong swimmer- and brave!



I watched from the bottom near the bowl as Briana slide down the single body slide and was dropped into the six foot pool.




As our day ended, we headed back to Mummy’s Oasis for one last splash from the mummy’s bucket.




Another summer day spent at Camelbeach and another round of smiling faces as we headed back home to the Bronx. With a 10 and 4 year old, it can be difficult to find places that are fun for both girls and easy to stick together. Camelbeach has tons of fun for the family, but isn’t so huge that you end up separated for half the day. At just under 2 hours from the Bronx, it can be a fun day trip. Of course, Camelback Resort is also home to Aquatopia- the Northeast’s largest indoor waterpark, where you can make it a weekend trip.

If indoor waterparks aren’t your thing, there are other hotels in the area. A cool option at Camelbeach is their Bonus Night ticket options- which syncs perfectly with hotel check in times. This option allows you to arrive later in the afternoon and enjoy the waterpark until closing- and then come back the following morning for a full day.

To see more ticket and lodging options, visit







Thanks to Camelbeach for having us out to check out the latest features. As always, all opinions expressed are our own.

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