Summer Movies: Ice Age: Collision Course




Let’s cool off in the middle of this NY heat wave and laugh our booties off to the new Ice Age: Collision Course! The newest to the Ice Age movie collection keeps up the fun and familiar characters we have grown to love. Will he catch the Acorn… always on the edge of our seats watching Scrat chase feverishly after his beloved treat! New to the gang this time around are Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Shangri Llama. Watch out for exciting news for Peaches played by Keke Palmer.

We had the pleasure to be invited to preview of this movie sponsored by Aquafina. This was the water’s first ever film partnership- and what better movie than a summer ICE Age movie? Stay cool and hydrate! Enjoy the comfy seats, cool AC and big screen on these super-hot days watching ICE AGE COLLISION COURSE out July 22nd.

See the fun Aquafina and Ice Age Smash Up here:


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Catch it Friday the 22nd at a local Bronx theater:


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