Pokémon GO: A Fun Guide to the Latest Craze

Here’s a playful guide to the latest craze of the new Pokémon GO app- a great way for parents to have active fun with their young gamers and take a trip back into time with a classic.




13652847_10208837231980527_1569653439_nBy: Eric Katechis

If you’re like me, then you’ve been seeing your Facebook and Twitter feed jammed with news about Pokémon GO. What is it? Well it’s a AR game that uses your camera (optional) to place Pokemon (pocket monsters) all over the world and its your mission to catch them!

In order to catch them you must travel the world! (Not really, your neighborhood will suffice!) but to catch them all its in your best interest
to move around! Some Pokemon only appear in different areas. I caught a Pikachu in Throggs Neck, a Tangela in the Chrysler building, and a
Meowth on 59th street and Lex!

Here’s a couple of essentials you will need for your journey before you run out the door:

  • This game is a battery drain! Bronxmama recommends a good portable charger (Like this Anker battery pack) This will keep you going all day!
  • Bring water and your most comfy shoes!
  • If you’re going to the beach for those water Pokemon, make sure to bring suntan lotion!
  • Also a side pro tip….certain places are embracing this game and offering discounts if you show them your game!13643976_10208837211140006_418772605_n


Have fun trainers!


Tell us your Bronx Pokémon GO tips- have any businesses in the Bronx embraced the game yet? Keep us posted!

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