Summer STEM Series: Annedroids

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Annedroids_301_22While the summer is a nice break from testing and nightly homework, it’s still important to keep young minds engaged. This doesn’t mean you have to create tedious lesson plans and miss out on outdoor fun- the opportunity to learn is everywhere. Think of a topic in school and there is a way to turn any summer setting into the classroom. Summer is just one big fun field trip to be had. And when your children get home at night from summer camp or a day at the beach, it’s great to keep the learning going- even with the shows that we watch. A great example of this is Amazon’s Emmy-nominated Annedroids. This is the third season of the series, which is about a young female scientist named Anne and the android assistants she’s created- and includes lots of scientific discoveries. The show focuses on a STEM curriculum and teaches kids all about learning through trial and error. Not only is it a great show for kids to enjoy over summer vacation, but Anne also serves as a great female role model to get young girls excited about science, technology, engineering, and math!


About Annedroids

Annedroids_302_05We had the chance to preview season 3 and share our thoughts on the series. We hadn’t seen the first two seasons- so we were curious to know if we’d need to catch up before starting. But after watching the first episode of Season 3, we were quickly introduced to the characters and enjoyed the story line. We meet young scientist Anne, who is also the daughter of a scientist and has two best friends- Nick and Shania. They are the only two who are in on her secret about the Annedroids she’s created- including a very human-like one named Max, until their nosey friend Charlie thinks she knows the truth also. The secret isn’t easy to keep due to Max’s desire to be a real boy, and lots of adventures ensue.

It’s easy to see why this series earned 10 daytime Emmy nominations- the characters are fun and Max will leave any kid wanting their own Annedroid. Parents will love it because it makes learning enjoyable, with Anne being that friend that brings STEM into everything. Shania is the sidekick who just wants to have fun, but even she brings learning to the show- we loved how she stopped to define words she used in conversation with friends.

Annedroids_301_05With both a school setting and more adventurous places (the Annedroids live in a junkyard), the show is very much like other cable TV shows with a fun cast that will keep kids interested- but with a heavy focus on STEM, which we love. The Top 10 Best Role Model award in Children’s TV Anne’s character earned is definitely deserved- with her confidence making the love of the sciences even more cool. We can’t wait to watch the remaining episodes, especially my oldest Briana, who is 10.


Grab Some Popcorn and Make it a Family Thing

Thanks to all of the great streaming tools, watching Annedroids on the living room TV together as a family is a great idea to spend summer evenings (Extra cool if you have a way to project it outside in the backyard and invite friends over!) Limit TV time to just a fun series like this a few nights a week that the whole family can enjoy together. Or download the series on a tablet and save for summer roadtrips.


Where to Watch

Annedroids_302_13Season 3 of Annedroids is available on June 24th and is free for all Amazon Prime members. Viewers can watch the series on the Amazon Video app for TVs, connected devices and mobile devices, or online at Prime members can also download and view offline on iOS, Android and Fire devices at no additional cost. Annedroids is also available as part of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited.

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