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Get ready to blast off! For Gia’s 4th birthday party we went with a fun outer space theme. As a huge fan of Little Einsteins, I decided to take the theme of exploring and outer space to create a more generic themed party. We were able to combine some things purchased along with items we had around the house to create a fun afternoon for Gia and all of her little friends. We even had a visit from Jupiter Joe’s Sidewalk Astronomy who is based right here in the Bronx!

So get your space suit on and let’s blast off to see how it was done!




For our invite, we used a photo of Gia we took at the New York Hall of Science where she posed as an astronaut. A little fun with PicMonkey and we had a cute little background to write the party details on. By no means am I a graphic artist, but I think it turned out adorable.




We used a dresser in the girls room to create a fun little cake table. For the background, we simply hung a black plastic tablecloth (which happened to stick to the wall by static!) and we hung her name back up on the wall as if they were written in the stars. Over the table, we hung up inflatable planets from Oriental Trading.

We also added a little bit of glitter to create the galaxy. We grabbed a telescope we had in our living room, some space themed books, and Gia’s Playmobil rocketship. The astronaut from the rocketship would be part of the cake topper, along with an American flag toothpick.


Finally, we placed Moonpies in a blue tray we found on sale at Rite Aid, and propped a photo holder up where we could hang photos taken with our Fuji Instax camera.




Across from the cake table we put the a big cardboard rocketship from Oriental Trading where the kids could decorate with space themed stickers also from OT.




We also ordered this fun astronaut helmet from Oriental Trading that kids could have fun blasting off to space with.




For the cake, we simply ordered a white frosted cake with cannoli filling to represent the moon. We used a cup to create the outline of craters and a fork to create some texture to the moon.




In the kitchen we covered the table with a fun outerspace tablecloth from Oriental Trading, and kept a bucket of inflatable rocketships also from OT.


The goody bags were little cloth Outerspace bags that we placed outerspace themed lolipops also from OT inside, PopRocks, and a fun bouncy ball with stars inside. The Moonpies were also meant to be placed in there as guests left, but they enjoyed them beforehand instead.




We placed cupcakes made by a friend in some cute star plates we scored on sale at Rite Aid and put the American Flag toothpicks in them also. We placed another outer spaced theme book on this table, along with a wood block quote about stars.




It was then time for Jupiter Joe to arrive! Since our crowd was pretty young, he brought his awesome rover with him to get the kids excited to learn about space.




The kids were intrigued with the talking rover, which even sang happy birthday to Gia at one point!




We then headed outside where Jupiter Joe let each kid be a planet and showed them how big they were in relation to the sun, their order, and even their orbits.




Before Jupiter Joe headed out, he gave Gia a special gift- her own moon!




All in all it was a hit and Gia loved her party. You don’t have to go over the top to create a fun party using items you already have mixed with things you pick up along the way and on sale. Everyone had fun helping Gia blast off into 4!


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This post was not sponsored. We do work with Oriental Trading often, and we also patronize brands and stores that we work with- because we truly love them!



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