Summer Hacks & Must Haves for A Fresh Home

Beach season is upon us! With that being said, most of our free time will be spent outdoors and not inside cleaning up or getting things done around the home. So, we gathered a few of our favorite go-to items that help us keep the place looking company ready on a minutes notice.




To Make Your Place Smell Fresh



With small Bronx apartments and no central air, coming home to a stuffy apartment isn’t fun. To avoid hot summer smells, we love the Airwick Life Scents to greet us and our guests when we walk in. Our favorite for this summer is the Turquoise Oasis scent, but all of their Life Scents fragrances smell amazing. Nothing beats walking in your front door and your guest commenting on how great it smells inside.



For Clean Floors



Of course, for quick clean floors we turn to the trusted Swiffer WetJet to quickly clean up spills from melted Popsicles and other summer messes. Before guests arrive, give the floors a once over and have the house smelling and looking fresh.



To Keep Windows and Mirrors Streak Free



Whether you have windows overlooking an amazing view, french doors in your railroad apartment, or just toddler fingerprints all over your mirrors- we’re loving Invisible Glass to get them clean and streak free quickly. The ClearDry formula is free of soaps, scents, and dyes and has been tested as the only glass cleaner to show zero tendency to streak. There’s even a Reach & Clean tool to help reach high places and get it done quickly, so you can get back to the fun stuff in no time.


To Quickly Clean Smudges and More



Not much time for deep cleaning in the summer, so we love to keep a Magic Eraser from Mr. Clean on deck at all times. A trick we love is to keep one at all times near the bathroom sink- so before guests arrive you can give your sink and faucet a once over and have it sparkling as if the housekeeper just clocked out.


For Extra Scent Boosts



Another trick we love is to keep a box of Snuggle Dryer Sheets around to give off scent boosts throughout the house. Place one in your couch pillows so when guests sit down they get a burst of the amazing smell. Place a sheet over your air conditioner’s air intake and immediately the room smells amazing. Also keep some in the dirty clothes if the hamper is in a place where guests pass by to cover any odors.


What are some summer hacks you use to keep your place clean and fresh? Share with us! We’d love to know!





We received samples for some of these ideas to test out, as always all opinions and ideas are our own!

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