Checking Out Tommee Tippee’s New ULTRA Bottle



By Nicole B. Jackson

Best transitional bottle I have seen to date.  

After breastfeeding my son for 4 months, he was picky with his bottles.  There was only one bottle that he would use.  The problem with that bottle was the thick body, that made it hard for him to hold when he was tired, and when drinking the air valve on the bottom would get stuck and cause the nipple to get sucked inward.  At that point my son would be yelling from frustration because he couldn’t get his milk.  You can see what a problem this is- especially at 3 am.

IMG_6321Just when I was at the end of my rope, Tommee Tippee’s new ULTRA bottle came along.  We were given the chance to review the bottle and see if indeed it was one of the best transitional bottles out there.  All I can say is “Thank you Tommee Tippee”.  

Surprisingly enough my son took to this bottle right away.  It had these great features that made it so easy for him.  The nipple is contoured to simulate the breast, providing a natural latch. The nipple is made of a soft and flexible silicone that really mimics the breast.   Not to mention the genius idea to not place the nipple in the middle, it’s placed right along the edge which makes it easy for little ones to get all of the milk without trying to hold up their bottles to get every last bit. (My son struggled with this, he was able to hold the bottle but still didn’t understand that he had to lift it further up in order to get the rest of his milk.  I would also have to lay him practically flat so that he would have an easier time with it.)

Although the body of the bottle is thick, it has an area that is indented to create a comfortable gripping area for those still holding the bottle’s for their little ones, my son also has an easier time holding the bottle as well.

IMG_6882The final test, NO SUCKED IN NIPPLES! For the first night in weeks I gave my son his bottle at 3am in his crib and he drank it and fell right back to sleep.  No mess, no screaming, no hastle.  What a relief!

If you want to try this BPA free, breast-like,contoured, revolutionary bottle, follow the links below.








We received product for review. As always, all opinions are our own.

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