Terrarium Planting with Dunecraft

April showers bring May flowers- so for Earth Day last month we decided to plant some fun terrariums. Dunecraft sent over five of their cool terrarium options for us to try out. With the help of 3 year old Gia and 10 year old Briana, we were ready to plant!





First up was a Pincushion Cactus from their Tiny Terrarium line. This tiny little thing is the world’s smallest terrarium! The seeds were so tiny, we used a toothpick to pick them up and make sure they made their way into the dirt.




Next up was this African Blue Lily- which came in this blue and white container with a plastic lid to cover.




Then, the girls had fun helping to plant Robert Radish in a Mini Dome Terrarium.








Next up was the Herb Garden- complete with Dill, Cilantro, Basil, Parsley, and Sage. Rocks were included in this one to decorate the terrarium- so we used them to separate the herbs.




And finally the terrarium the girls were most excited to create- the Fairy Triad Fairy Garden! This one included a Fairy, bells, a pinwheel, and rainbow gravel for the girls to decorate. They had the most fun planting this one!


The Results:


A few weeks later, here are our terrariums!




The Fairy Garden is coming along- the girls love coming each morning to check and Gia moves the fairy around and blows the pinwheel.




Our herbs are also coming in, can’t wait to use them to cook!




For the radish, we’re not sure when we will get to see Robert the Radish, but it’s coming along nicely.






Sadly we think Gia played around and dropped these little ones a lot. So they’re a bit dry now- but we are going to try to save them. These were also planted by the girls- so we’d definitely recommend these two for older kids (or just don’t let your 3 year old handle them!)


Overall, these terrariums were so much fun to plant together as a fun activity and we love seeing them everyday on our kitchen window sill. Dunecraft has lots of fun ones to choose from, and they are very simple to plant and create.

For more information, visit www.dunecraft.com





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