Tuck Everlasting The Musical!


By Dalilah Smith-Santos

Have your kids been bitten by the “Broadway Bug”?  My daughter sure has been (Lord help my bank account), so you can imagine our excitement when BronxMama was invited to join The Moms for a special preview of Tuck Everlasting The Musical last week.


Like me, many of you probably remember reading the award winning novel by Natalie Babbit as kids, maybe you remember imagining Winnie Foster running away from home and discovering the forever young Tuck Family in the Woods, remember the adventures she and Jesse Tuck went on, remember Winnie choosing between an everlasting life or a normal one. Well everything we imagined about this story was brought to life by director Casey Nicholaw in this beautiful and enchanting Broadway Musical.



Dahlia could not take her eyes off of the stage and neither could I – quite honestly I think we were overwhelmed by the colors, the songs, the costumes, the dancing and of course the brilliant acting, even my mom was moved and it takes a lot to impress her.

For more information on Tuck Everlasting, visit www.tuckeverlastingmusical.com





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